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B2B Gifting Made Easy

Rest assured that your clients, employees, partnerships and customers are all made to feel special and extremely valued.

Powerful, yet simple

Everything has been intentionally designed to include the gifting features you want, right where you need them - without being overly complicated.


Get setup quickly

Pick a plan that works best for your business and start sending personalized gifts in as little as two minutes. Share access with anyone from you team.

Remove the Guess Work

SmartSend by Gesture

Gesture uses a proprietary advanced algorithm known as NINA. She is designed to eliminate the need for an address. Just pick the gift and send, we'll take care of the rest. She's pretty awesome.

No address No Problem
Personalized delivery experience

A true VIP experience

We ensure that all deliveries feel as if you are hand delivering right to their door. This is what truly makes your recipient feel valued and special.

Available 24/7

Backed by an amazing support team

Don't pay extra for amazing customer support. We provide every customer with VIP treatment. That also includes your customers.

What customers are saying

No matter what industry you are currently in. Gesture for Business helps to strengthen all your relationships giving you the peace of mind you need.

“"Gets the job done. G-Business helped me re-engage previous lost opportunities. Just a simple bottle of wine, delivered the right way is all that's needed to make an impression. Seamless process."
Jason Malki
“Gesture really helped us connect to our investors when we were actively raising capital. "Social Currency" is incredibly important these days. This platform makes it easy to do just that.”
“We have clients who are extremely important to our law firm. Sending what we consider a "custom gift" with a personalized delivery experience is the difference on why we use Gesture.”
Sobel Pevzner

Level up your productivity

Get started today and start improving most important relationships!